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Come and join us here in rural Tuscany where our picturesque getaway awaits you.


If lounging in the garden, walking the local paths, eating, dangling your feet in the pool and sipping G&Ts on the terrace just doesn’t cut it for you and you have the urge to actually do something then fear not; a variety of activities can be arranged for you during your stay at Villa Francini.

There are of course many things to do and places to visit in the vicinity but if you fancy learning a new skill, for example, then why not try some of these activities.

Some can be held at the villa, some you will need to travel to and the majority will involve a small surcharge and are, of course, subject to availability.

If you are taking Exclusive Use Villa Rental you can add in as many of these activities into your week as you wish and have time for in order to create a personalised activity programme during your stay.

If you are here for the B&B you could also choose to add in some activities.

For those on Retreats your organiser will have prepared a schedule which may already incorporate some of these activities and if so, will be included in the price you paid for your retreat. Most retreat weeks usually allow ample free time however, so if you would like something extra to do then we can always arrange additional activities at your own cost.

All of these activities will be arranged individually for you, with prices dependant on season, duration, number of participants, whether just a one-off session or an hour or more every day so it is impossible to give an accurate price estimate here.


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