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Come and join us here in rural Tuscany where our picturesque getaway awaits you.

Cycling Retreat

Fancy creating your very own version of il Giro d’Italia?

Cycling is BIG here! The superb terrain covering steep mountains, gentle hills, flat valleys and everything in between attracts keen cyclists from all over Europe.

As well as some serious road cycling it is also possible to go off road into rugged nature, use custom designed MBX circuits, or actually just tootle around admiring the view and make it to the next coffee.

Most trains here carry bikes (but do check!) so in order to explore even further afield you can always cycle there and then get the train back to Gragnola, then you just have to cycle up to the top of the hill and you’re home.

Here’s just one idea of a gentle ride to explore the area:


Tramedi Lunigiani


You won’t necessarily need a ‘tutor’ or ‘leader’ for this, so if you are a bunch of friends who fancy bringing your bikes for a new challenge then get in touch.

Locked storage is available in the barn with easy access directly onto the road.


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