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Come and join us here in rural Tuscany where our picturesque getaway awaits you.


The peace and serenity of Villa Francini are perfect for nurturing oneself and the slow pace of life here means that you finally have time to do things FOR YOU.

We can arrange for you to join an existing regular weekly class in one of the local towns or to have private 1:1 tuition on the terrace or in the garden at the Villa.

Or why not take advantage of a few days away from your old routine and establish new, positive, healthy habits by starting each morning with an hour or two of yoga before breakfast? Daily sessions (at any time of day) can be arranged to ensure that your understanding of yoga as well as your flexibility and stamina increase as your holiday or retreat goes on.

Imagine practising your Sun Salutation with the glorious Tuscan sunshine kissing your skin. Or your teacher suggesting your connection to the earth via roots from your feet when you are stood under a tree which has been strongly rooted to that very same earth for centuries… The language of Yoga is not just figurative when you practise outdoors in a place of such solidity and natural beauty.

So whether it’s a one-off class, an hour a day every day, or one whole day just for you or the group you’re travelling with, let us arrange your Yoga session in the loveliest of settings.

Teachers will be selected from trusted, fully qualified individuals practising in the local area and who speak English and/or Italian as required.

Yoga at the Villa may be enjoyed on the terrace or in several areas of the garden. At the beginning or end of the season if inclement weather, it can be enjoyed in the beautiful and spacious barn with soft chestnut wood floor and built entirely of natural materials.


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All of these activities will be arranged individually for you. Some activities can be held at the Villa, whereas some you will need to travel to. Prices are dependant on season, duration, number of participants, whether just a one-off session or an hour or more every day.