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Soap & Lotion Production

Enjoy utilising a range of local products – honey, petals, leaves, herbs, flower-heads, nuts and seeds – to make something wonderful to take home with you: Artisan, natural, soap, cosmetic and body products.

Taught by a delightful local English woman these creative, practical, informative and productive workshops show you how to make soaps, lotions, balms, scrubs, bath-bombs, oils and moisturisers which you can then take home with you.

You will learn the secrets that allow you to continue to make more products once you return home and who knows, this could be the start of a new hobby.

Not all products will be made in one session – that would be mass production!

Soap/lotion/potion making can be held at the Villa or at an off-site venue of the tutor’s choice.


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All of these activities will be arranged individually for you. Some activities can be held at the Villa, whereas some you will need to travel to. Prices are dependant on season, duration, number of participants, whether just a one-off session or an hour or more every day.