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Come and join us here in rural Tuscany where our picturesque getaway awaits you.


Particularly suited to late Summer and Autumnal breaks, why not hire a local expert guide for a day or half a day to explore the hedgerows, meadows, fields and woods around Villa Francini and learn about nature’s bounty of free food?

It is still very commonplace here to see the ladies bent over on the grass verges digging around for some greens or salad for lunch or even some wild herbs to use as seasoning or remedies.

And taking Foraging to the next level why not try your luck at the World Mushroom Championship? We are not joking!

This is held every October at Cerretto Laghi (the ski resort) over two days. It is a serious competition, conducted with joy and delight and celebrates the jewel that is the Fungo Porcini. You can enter the Individual or the Team event (5pax/team) and must have your entry form submitted by the end of September, but if you apply early your entry fee will be discounted.

World mushroom championship

Who knows, you could go home a World Champion!

All of these activities will be arranged individually for you. Some activities can be held at the Villa, whereas some you will need to travel to. Prices are dependant on season, duration, number of participants, whether just a one-off session or an hour or more every day.


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